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We offer expert services that ensure that all the care and support provided by our Care team to you and your loved one are approved to their needs.

Aqua Robson Care provides professional care and support services that allow you or your loved one to live safely and comfortably in their homes.  Our home care services assist you when you are ageing and need support to live independently, recovering from a medical setback or hospital admission, managing a chronic disease or when you or your loved one has special needs or a disability.

Who provides care?

We have a team of Carers with a background in nursing and care for adults. They work hand in hand with our Care Management to ensure that you are receiving the best care. Our Carers provide short term or long-term care at home depending on your needs and requirements.

Quality care in the place you love!

We aim to provide you with the highest quality of life there is. We ensure that our care plans include safety, security, and independence and can prevent isolation, unnecessary hospital admissions, help with recovery from an illness or injury, or ease the pain of a chronic medical condition.

Our home care includes:

  • Mobility assistance
  • Housekeeping- tidying and laundry
  • Assist with personal care- bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene
  • Meal preparation and hydration
  • Running of errands – picking up a prescription or escorting to doctors’ appointments
  • Help with medical equipment such as oxygen, walkers, and wheelchairs
  • Feeding
  • Medication management and administration
  • Companionship, conversations, and social activities
  • Monitoring and recording vital signs.
  • Supervision of someone with dementia

We take your data security seriously, hence we are signed up to the NHS National Data Guardian’s 10 Data Security Standards

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How to pay for Care

Paying for your care is just one piece of the care jigsaw. There are various methods one can take and they all depend on your financial capability and the form of care you require. The following are ways you can pay for care.

Local Authority

Local Authority is legally obliged to carry out assessments to establish the type of care you need and to decide who should pay for it. To do this, the Local Authority conducts a needs assessment to establish your care needs. This finds out whether you are eligible to get their funding and they assess the following areas:

  1. How your care needs affect your ability to carry out certain daily activities (Outcomes)How this impacts your well being
  2. Secondly, the Local Authorities will do a financial assessment (means test) to see what level of aid you would need. They will evaluate your benefits, saving, and assets to calculate your capital. However, you are unlikely to receive Local Authority funding if your capital is over the means threshold. According to the Carer and Support Statutory (2014), this is if your assets are worth:

    £23 250 in England and Northern Ireland

    £27 250 in Scotland

    £40 000 in Wales

    Lastly, the Local Authority is obliged to give you more information and advice on how your care needs must be met.


People who need care services can pay for themselves using their income and savings

Often, people who need care services can engage the local authorities to look for carers for them and pay for the services through the local authorities.

The local authorities do an assessment and they will look for carers that suit your needs and let you pay for your care services or they will assist with the charges depending on the net worth of your income or savings.

However, many people combine this option of self-funding with top-up payments from the Local Authorities if you’re not eligible for the full cost.

The Local Authority can make percentage contributions to your private care cost if you are means-tested and found you can pay part of your care cost with the Local Authority paying the balance.

There is also a chance that you will run out of money over time hence you need to be in constant communication with your Local Authority.

On another note, people may not involve the Local Authority during the assessment. If the individual wishes to arrange their care and support through care providers, the Local Authorities do not have to meet the needs

Care Annuity

One can consider securing a guaranteed income with a care funding plan to pay for your care fees. This is also known as a ‘long-term care annuity or immediate needs annuity

With these, you use a lump sum to buy an insurance policy that provides a regular lifetime income. This income is to help fund your care fees for as long as you live.

There are two options when it comes to caring annuities. The main difference is whether you need:

  • care funding now, or
  • care funding in the future

To do the Care funding now, gender, health, and age are of vital importance during the assessment to consider the payment cost. This method of funding your care is by having an immediate needs annuity which is a type of insurance policy where a regular income is guaranteed to meet the cost of your care. A regular tax-free payment is made to your registered care provider for the rest of your life, and all that is required is a one-off sum payment to purchase the plan.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

Another factor to consider if you require care after hospitalisation you may be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare. This is a fully-funded package provided by the NHS to continue your care at your home. This is typically for a short period of time but can be used permanently as well however very rare indeed.

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