Outreach Support for Children

Our outreach support programme aims to support children and young people who have special needs, such as learning difficulties.
Outreach services range from supporting children and young people in care to providing 1:1 or 2:1 assistance to youngsters with problematic behaviour. Our outreach projects have been intended to support children and young people in the comfort of their own homes. Our programmes have had some successes.

Our personnel are properly qualified to meet the requirements of children and adolescents. Staff encourage parental and carer involvement in order to contribute to the effective and efficient delivery of information, guidance, and support to parents and carers of young children and young people in order to enhance outcomes for vulnerable children, young people, and their families.
The Aqua Robson Outreach Programme seeks to assist, elevate, and support people who are denied certain services or rights. It includes providing education, social planning, health care, and other welfare programmes.


The Advantages of Our Outreach Programmes

Regular workshops and conferences address the perceived requirements of children with special needs (for example, IEP education and toilet training).

Ongoing parent-to-parent mentorship fosters mutual support and understanding, creating a safe environment and connecting parents with others who face similar issues and have comparable needs.

We act as a resource for health systems and the community, providing cultural competency materials to physicians as well as health and wellness information to families.

Inclusive social activities provide a safe environment for children and families to mingle, have fun, and meet new friends.

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