Our Respite Care Service

We provide temporary relief for a family caregiver, enabling them to take a much-needed break from their caring duties. Whether it is just for a few hours a day or per week, or an extended holiday, our respite services help to ease the burden of caregiving and help to relieve stress, restore energy and promote a balanced life. It also prevents exhaustion and burning out.

Our support can help you maintain your health as a caregiver. Most people will have a dilemma, asking if it is selfish for them to need a break from taking care of a loved one. At Aqua Robson Care, we say NO. Even though it is a fulfilling role to take, the daily grind of caregiving can be stressful. It is important to take a break so that you can recharge your batteries, feel more energetic and focused to deliver your care duties.


We provide warm and friendly temporary carers to support your loved ones. We deliver respite care to

    • The carers of elderly people
    • Those recovering from an illness or surgery
    • Carers supporting loved ones with Dementia Mobility support
    • The carers of children and young people with autism, learning disabilities/physical disabilities
    • Those in need of Nursing Care
    • Those in need of Personal Care and much more

Types of respite services we provide

We pick off from where you left and ensure that there is no deviation from the normal routines and schedules. Our respite care is flexible and meets your loved one’s care needs. It can be provided as:

Live-in respite care:  A carer will live with you in your home, offering support and care to your loved one throughout the day.

Visiting respite care: intermittent visits from our carers for just a few hours each day or week.

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